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Attorney Donald I. Bettenhausen

Attorney Donald I. Bettenhausen

Attorney Donald I. Bettenhausen has been licensed since 1981 and has served the Chicago metropolitan area for over 25 years.  He is a licensed attorney, licensed real estate broker, and a licensed mortgage loan officer.

1978-San Diego State Univ. Graduate
1981-DePaul Univ. College of Law
1982-Established Private Practice
1985-Elected Worth Township Trustee
Active in many Civic Groups: Chamber of Commerce, Sertoma, Oak Park Avenue Main Street Association
1985-Village Prosecutor-Merr. Park
member of CBA, ISBA, SSBA

Attorney Gregg W. Jarman has been licensed since 1987 and has been a member of the firm since he received his license.  He is a well-rounded attorney with experience in many areas of the law.

1977-Univ. of Ill.-Urbana Graduate
1977-83 High School Teacher & Coach
1987-John Marshall Law School Graduate
Active in many local Civic Groups: Sertoma, Board of Director of Southwest Community Services and Sertoma Speech and Hearing 
Member of CBA, ISBA