Bettenhausen & Jarman, Ltd.

Personal Injury & Workman’s Compensation

If you have suffered a catastrophic personal injury, you can’t afford to lose your case. The more serious your injury, the greater the challenges you will face, both medically and financially. To meet these challenges successfully, you have to be willing to fight.

At the Chicago law firm of Bettenhausen & Jarman, we are prepared to take on the fight on your behalf. We have helped hundreds of injured people throughout Illinois recover damages from the parties who had negligently injured them.

 If you are hurt while working, your legal right to receive medical treatment and compensation for your injury comes from workman’s compensation laws. The process is very different from civil negligence cases. The benefits you receive in workers’ compensation claims are determined according to specific laws and cases that only apply to on-the-job injuries. These benefits are designed to pay only a portion of your wage loss and your employer’s insurance company will have to authorize most of your medical treatment.